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For many years now patients having neurological diseases from different countries have been treated successfully at Medical centre “INTERMED PRIMA” – Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It is the only place in the region of Southeastern Europe where neurological diseases are being treated with active metabolites. The metabolic therapy method was worked out by a team consisting of Russian scientists – biochemists and neurologists from the Centre for contemporary medicine “Primavera – Medica” – Moscow. This type of treatment has been applied for more than 12 years now at 17 clinics and medical centers in Russia and for more than 10 years at other medical centers in Europe (Prague - Czech Republic, Cyprus – Limassol, Donetsk – Ukraine), including at our center in Plvodiv, Bulgaria.

Children with the following diagnosis are suitable for metabolic therapy: perinatal encephalopathy, cerebral palsy, mental and speech retardation, Down syndrome and other genetic oligophrenias, post neurological infection state, post cerebral trauma state, minimal cerebral malfunction, muscles degenerations and degenerations of the peripheral nervous system, etc.

Adults with the following diagnosis can be admitted for treatment: multiple sclerosis, Parkinsonism, cerebral arteriosclerosis, post insult state, post cerebral trauma and post neurological infection state, muscles degenerations and degenerations of the peripheral nervous system.

The treatment is proven to be effective. It can be carried out at home and it doesn’t cause any side effects.

Bulgarian specialists – neurologists and pediatricians, specialized at the Centre for contemporary medicine “Primavera – Medica” – Moscow appoint the proper treatment and exercise control over its effectiveness.




Medical centre “INTERMED PRIMA” has all the necessary equipment for motor rehabilitation both of children and adults.


For contacts, consultations and appointments:

Tel.: +359 32 650 872


For more detailed information in English and Russian concerning the treatment of neurological diseases, endometriosis and myoma uteris, you can visit the web site of the Centre for contemporary medicine “Primavera – Medica” – Moscow:

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